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Hello Thinkers,

I am Ms. Sprowal and this will be your space to find any important details or links!  As our school year is just beginning, I wanted  to welcome you to the Science team.  You have the unique opportunity this year to be blended(online and in person) students at West Bronx Academy! While that might seem scary it is a challenge that I know you are all capable of facing head on.


It is my belief that you all have your own unique way of learning things that allow you to be advocates within your educational careers and beyond, as it will bring a strong sense of accomplishment. Our classroom will be a safe and caring community where you are free to voice your opinion, blossom and grow. It's an environment where you are invited to share your ideas, take risks and accept yourselves and others and embrace our unique differences.


This year in Science we will learn about Ecosystems, The Human Body, Climate Change, Genetics, and so much more! We will conduct labs and also participate in fun team building activities that will allow us to get to know each other better. 


This year, while different, will be just as engaging as any other. I look forward to meeting each of you and exploring Science through your eyes. Be proud of what you have accomplished thus far and get excited for the months ahead! I look forward to meeting with you soon.



Ms. Tania Sprowal
High School Science
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