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"To teach is to touch a life forever." I have been touching lives for six years now. However, my life was touched the most in this career. I received my bachelors in English Literature with a minor in disabilities studies at CUNY College of Staten Island. I later went back to obtain a Masters in Special Education at the City College of New York. Through this career I have been able to work with one of the populations who benefit from direct supports as well as use the skills learned to help students who do not have a disability but struggle with work.
I am a New York native with Dominican background. Una Dominican-york. I identify as an Afro-Latina / Black. I am the daughter of immigrants and was the first in my household to receive a Masters degree. As I matured I learned that I had this inner need to support low income communities because I witnessed the needs that these communities faced in my upbringing. Working in the Belmont area of the Bronx I was able to support students I saw myself in and uplift them to be better for their community and their loved ones. 
Through my teaching I look forward to support students in acquiring skills that will help them in school as well as outside of school. I also enjoy being able to bring in relatable texts and resources where we can all see ourselves in. 
Ms. Meryandree Luna
High School Learning Academy - English Language Arts
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