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TDubaihank You very much for stopping by! My name is Johnese Greene. I am in my 10th year of teaching at West Bronx Academy. Currently I teach 6th and 8th grade Social Studies. I also teach 6th grade Tech. I like incorporating fun activtives into my teaching.  Below you will see links to my various google classroom. 
Words to live by!
Being the best me that you can be
...,Family, then everything else
A cookie in each hand makes for a better day
Be quick to hear and slow to anger and speak
We're all mad, but the best people usually are
DisneyThe Doctor.  Hogwarts
Google classroom links, just in case you need it... again lol
I have been teaching at West Bronx Academy for 9 years. I enjoy learning and teaching history. Doctor Who, Charmed and  Mysteries at the Museum are some of my favorite shows. I am a big believer in growth mindset which teaches that you get better in your skills by applying yourself.