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From the desk of Principal Morales - August 20, 2020

August 20, 2020

Dear Families,

We know these are unprecedented times and we appreciate your patience and feedback as we continue to develop plans for the upcoming school year.

As the Chancellor has described all families have two learning options for their students for the start of the school year:

  • 100% Remote Learning -All learning takes place  from Home
  • Blended Learning - Part Time in person learning at school part time remote learning at home

All families should complete the learning survey here: 

At West Bronx Academy we are planning a 6 - Day cycle for learning for students. Students who select the blended learning model will attend school 2 days per week and learn from home the remaining 4 days of the cycle.

Our school day will go from 8:30 AM -12:55 PM and the 6-Day Cycle will be as follows:

West Bronx Academy selected Programming Model 3: A 6 Day Rotation (2 days in-person/4 days remote).  This involves three in-person cohorts/teams.  The teams are arranged as follows:

    • Team A (Grades 6 and 7)
    • Team B (Grades 8 and 9)
    • Team C (Grades 10 - 12)



DAYS to Report to school

Team A

6 and 7

1 and 2

Team B

8 and 9

3 and 4

Team C

10 - 12

5 and 6

  • Teams will be on a 6 Day Rotation as follows (a more detailed calendar will be sent shortly):








Day of instruction:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Team in School:

Team A

Team A

Team B

Team B

Team C

Team C

Teams Remote

Team B & Team C

Team B & Team C

Team A and Team C

Team A and Team C

Team A and Team B

Team A and Team B

  • First Day of instruction is September 10, 2020 (Day 1)
  • As per your request - Please have your families read the attached updated documents and click the link below to select your learning options (if you have not done so already). 

Thank you and please feel free to reach me by email or by phone.


Wilper Morales


West Bronx Academy

917-318-0134 (cell)