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Mission Statement

Vision Statement

West Bronx Academy for the Future is an urban community committed to accelerating student learning in a structured environment with a focus on technology.


Mission Statement


Accelerating Student Learning
Our students will be performing on grade level or above by 8th grade and at a college level by 12th grade. Regents’ level courses will be offered to students in the 8th grade. College level courses will be offered to high school students.


Structured Environment
Consistent rewards for proper behavior and clear sanctions for misbehavior. Our school will have a standardized discipline plan, with infractions and set consequences explained in detail. Our school will have preset incentive trips and activities for well behaved students.


At the middle school and high school we will integrate technology into the core content classes.


Our teachers, staff, and administration will understand the challenges of urban education and work to combat the effects of poverty in our school. Our teachers will attend training for dealing with the effects of poverty on our student population.


Our school will have a strong identity. Teachers, staff, administrators, students, and parents will all work together to make WBAFF an exciting and fun learning environment. We will offer activities or tutoring to every interested student 4 days a week. Students will work towards regular incentive trips.